Working Out at Home: Dumbbell Exercises for Upper Body

Working Out at Home - Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Let’s Talk: Working Out at Home

Good afternoon, everyone! I can’t believe it’s been more than a week since I wrote my last post. My days have been pretty busy lately, especially with my freelance social media/digital marketing job. (I work for a jewelry retailer so it’s prime sales time with the holidays fast approaching!) I’ve also been busy sticking to my training (and meal) plan, which calls for twice daily workouts four to five days a week (I do fasted cardio in the morning and then a strength & cardio routine in the evening).

This week, however, my trainer is away on a much-needed vacation (he works 12-hour days, seven days a week!). While I’m glad he’s getting some time away—he certainly deserves it!—I’ve been doing so well with my training that I was a little disappointed when I realized I would be on my own for most of the week. Continue reading